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Close-up of the LCD display

Wheel of Fortune TV Play-Along


Liquid crystal display

* 4 text rows with 11 character cells across on the top and bottom, and 13 across in the middle rows. Each cell contains 7×5 pixels.


A 33-key 'chicklet' style keyboard featuring…

  • A full QWERTY alphabet layout. Text is black, with vowels in white.
  • A “-” (dash) key in white, with a secondary GAME function in black, above it.
  • A “,” (comma) key in white, with a secondary PLYRS function in black, above it.
  • A round “SPIN” button (arrow in white, text in black)
  • A large SPACE bar (text in white) doubling as a SOLVE button (text in black).
  • An “ENTER SCORE” button with black text.
  • An ON button (in white).
  • A recessed OFF button (in white).


  • 9V battery compartment (with non-removable hinged cover)


  • Piezo speaker(?) exposed through single hole in bottom

Indicator LED

  • LED power and signal strength light


Official Viability Window

According to a sticker on the bottom of the device:

NOTE: Your game may be played with the evening Wheel of Fortune TV show from 8/31/88 through at least 9/1/90.

© and ™ Califon Productions, Inc. 1988



As printed on the bottom of the device:

If you have problems operating your game, please check the Trouble-Shooting Guide in your instruction booklet or call our Consumer Hot Line toll-free at (800) 227-3378 (California residents phone (714) 836-4981 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. PST.


1. Press the ON key and select the GAME and number of PLYRS.

2. Push ENTER, aim at TV for brightest red LED at the beginning of the show and between each puzzle round. Slow tune changing to fast tune indicates the signal is being received. Optimal distance is 5 feet directly in front of TV.

3. When tune stops and “READY!” appears, loading is finished. Play begins when puzzle is displayed.


* Oddity Archive: Episode 214 – Ben Vs. The Wheel Of Fortune TV Play-Along - the inspiration to pick one up and try to reverse engineer this thing.

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This is a research wiki full of information that may be incomplete, inaccurate, or out of date. It is perpetually a work-in-progress.